Other projects while we wait

Since the floors are already torn up from the flood, we decided that now is a good time to take care of some of the other projects around the house while we wait for the insurance company.  We painted the dining room which was actually very easy without worrying about spilling paint on the floor.  The kids had fun helping, too.  The bathroom is on my list of rooms to paint, too, but the floor is still intact in the bathroom–it’s the only room in the house that doesn’t need a new floor–so it’s farther down the list. One of the repairs that we are in the process of making is to replace the door jamb for our bedroom door.  We noticed a few years ago that the hinges were coming out of the door jamb because the screws seemed loose.  Todd fixed it a few times, but nothing held for very long and it always seemed to get worse each time it broke.  This last time, there was nothing left to put the screws in for the top hinge.  We decided to take the door jamb apart to see if we could reinforce it or if we needed to replace it.  That’s when we found the root of the problem.  The door jamb was made of fiberboard, which while not ideal would have been alright if the heavy, solid-wood door had been attached through the fiberboard into the frame of the wall.  Unfortunately, the hinges line up in such a way that they were all screwed into the drywall except for one.  Three hinges, with three screws each, and only one of the nine screws was attached to anything solid.  Needless to say, we bought a solid-wood door jamb to replace the old one.  Now all we have to do is finish putting the molding around it and it will be better than new. We’re also considering an even bigger project while the floors are torn up.  When we bought the house, it wasn’t truly a three-bedroom house (although they listed it as one).  One bedroom was open to the living room through a large (5-foot) doorway.  We put up doors when we moved in, and it is now Maggie’s room.  What we want to do is put up a wall about two feet behind the doors (into Maggie’s room) and turn the existing (useless) opening into a closet.  Oh, did I mention that the house currently has only three closets total?  One in each bedroom, with no additional storage–yeah, I didn’t think that one through when we bought the house.  We are still thinking this project through, and we don’t want to go beyond the limits of our home-improvement skills. I keep having this nagging thought in the back of my mind that we are not fixing up the house for ourselves, so much as fixing it up to sell.  I don’t know if that means we may be able to get a place out in the country, or if it means we may be moving further, or if it just means that I have an overactive imagination; but I’m willing to go or stay wherever God wants us.

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