Why Chickens on the Trampoline?

Well it’s actually not an uncommon sight around here.  My daughter has several chickens.  My younger two boys love to jump on the trampoline and they thought the chickens would like it too!  We have since put an end (I think) to chickens involuntarily being put on the trampoline, they do still get up there voluntarily when no one is jumping.

The more I thought about it, I realized that I often feel like a chicken on the trampoline.  I let myself get caught up in things and get bounced around and feel completely out of control.  And then I realize I am.  I am completely out of control.  God is in control of my life.  And unlike my boys with the chickens, God is good.  And if I just let go of my desire to be in control, and trust Him, I can enjoy the things that are enjoyable and bear the things that are unbearable with the assurance that God is in control and He is working all things for good.


(When I write, I tend to assume that you’ve been reading my blog from the beginning.  If that’s not the case, and you think you might have missed something, start here.)



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